Celebrating of 93 years of Academic Experience
Our Best Teacher
Our teachers are always very friendly and helpful to students.
Discipline is maintained here from the morning prayer to the end of the day.
Co curriculum activities
We give special interest in Co curriculum activities, like : Cricket, NCC, Science tour etc.
We are Celebrating Annual Prize distribution and Cultural Programs on 18th May to 19th May 2018
About Us
Journey of this town from the rural to urban, skni school is a living witness of it. It is not only a simple high school, it is the first higher secondary English medium school since 1925 in this Ramrajatala - santragachhi - bantra - Ichapur area. Now the school has a large number of student in morning section and in day section also.

Here, Teachers and students will get notified about any special dates or events through this website - Holidays , emergency off-days, exam dates & notices, result & result out notices, sport dates, extra classes etc.
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