Celebrating of 93 years of Academic Experience
Santragachi and Ramrajatala area were not as developed as now. The most of the people of this locality wear uneducated. The Zamindar (জমিদার - Landlord) Kedarnath Bhattacharya thought to spread the light of education in his locality. He connected other men of the locality: Manmatanath Mitra and Mahendranath Kar. They try to build an school in that area. And with this initiative they got many donations. Mahendranath Mitra gave place for a school. In 1905 a pathshala type school was started. Kedarnath Bhattacharya died in 1911. After thar his son donated a great money for the development. Manmatanath Kar helped him to succeed and in 1925, the great initiative that was started in 1905, successfully enbloomed in 1925. On 2nd day of January 1925 the school was made and this was named as Kedarnath Institution on the name of great donor Kedarnath Bhattacharya.

The foundation stone of our school had been laid by honorable scholar, vice chancellor & professor of Ashutosh College, Sri Asutosh Mookerjee on 17th July, 1925. It had begun its journey with only 225 students in 6 class-rooms. Then with the age of time, progress and development along with visionary ideas have made it possible to make their dreams come true to give the school such a shape of what it is today and eventually going better tomorrow.