Celebrating of 93 years of Academic Experience
Our Proudful History
Century ago in this Santragachhi, Betore, Chakraberiya, Baksara, Ichapur & Jagacha area circle there are only two schools – “Santragachi Madhya Engraji” & “Chakraberiya Ucchya Madhyamik”. Then no motor bus runs in those areas, so,students had to walk for 3 to 4 miles to reach high schools for higher studies. Then in the year 1800, a pandit well known as ‘Sri Gourikanta Bhattachariya’ extended his father’s ‘Toll’, established more 30 years ago on 1770 and existed till 1860.

A vernacular bengali medium government school for boys was established in 1857 by Baboo Kedarnath Bhattachariya. But, in 1864 this school was demolished by cyclone. Then in 1870 this school was amalgamated with “Santragachi Madhya Engraji” school.

In the history of “Santragachi Kedarnath Institutions” ‘Late Manmathnath Seth’ was a remarkable name. He was a rich but kind person. “Bhanumati Balika Vidyalaya” was established on his gifted land, which was first and only step towards the girl’s education since1925. He also established the “shankar math” and a pond at it’s surroundings. Then he felt that a school is needed for local boys and girls for higher studies and took responsibility to run a English Medium School and started his journey. Late Mahendranath Kar, Late Upendranath Kar and Late Narendranath Kar – Kar Brothers from Kar Family of Betore donated land to ‘Late Manmathnath Seth’ to establish school. Later this Kar brothers have completed the incomplete work of ‘Late Manmathnath Seth’ of making the school.

On 17th July, 1920 the foundation was established by Sir Ashutosh Moukhopadhya, Vice President of Calcutta University. Then on 2nd January, 1925 “Kedarnath Institution” was established. In November, 1925 “Santragachi Madhya Engraji” school was attached with ‘Kedarnath Institutions’ and formed a complete high school.

In the year 1932, for the first time boys gave Madhyamik exam from here, the institution reached its next milestone of success. In 1949, Kedarnath Girls division creation was another great achievement in the history of the school.